GAPS Meeting notes – next meeting at my home

Our next GAPS Meeting will be held at MY house October 10 at 10 am!

Everyone is invited. Please RSVP so that I have an idea of how many there will be! :)

Directions: I live halfway between Avon and Tyndall just off HWY 50. My address is 41039 304th St., Avon SD. From Yankton, take HWY 50 west until you are 5 miles west of Tyndall. There HWY 37 NORTH joins with HWY 50, turn left and go south one mile on a gravel road. (Do not let the HWY 37 that goes SOUTH from HWY 50 just outside of Tyndall confuse you!) After traveling one mile south on the gravel road, at the top of the hill, turn right and go west 1/2 mile to our house, which is on the left (south) side of the road.

Everyone uses the back door, which is fine, but you are welcome to park in front and use the front door. That way our garage can still be used by my ever-so-patient husband! :)

Ketchup Recipe: Attached is a recipe I have not tried, but plan to. I think sauerkraut juice will be a bitter seller at my house than fish sauce… Attached is a recipe for and information about Kombucha.

Dr. Cowan: Liver detoxification and castor oil packs

Castor oil packs: A simple way to help our body detoxify. Apply castor oil on the abdomen. Cover with a soft rag and or plastic to avoid staining clothes. Use a warm pad over the pack. Relax for 3–60 minutes.

Links with more about detoxification and castor oil packs:

Samples: Kohlrabi slices, fermented (These can be used as a substitute cracker. Try it with liver pate’!)

Broth: Dos and Don’ts


Use only filtered water. Bake the bones or the bird in the oven to allow for browning (which enhances the flavor of the broth). Add salt while cooking. Save and savor the marrow!!!


Rush the broth. Simmer beyond 30 hours without restarting with fresh water.

Detox Tea Made from herbs from Amy Willis “Amy Willis”

Upper respiratory symptoms in children: Try onion or garlic pack for ear aches. Keep in mind the body detoxifies through the lungs. (See the slide below.) Both water soluble AND fat soluble toxins are expelled via the lungs.