GAPS Meeting Highlights; Yankton 03/21/12 10 AM

Yankton GAPS Group Meeting

March 21, 2012

10 AM 317 Broadway, Suite 8, Yankton SD


This was another very lively interactive session! A profound moment for me was hearing that a mom suspected the connection between the gut and the brain many years ago. She pointed this to the doctor caring for her children, but he had not made that association.


The primary subject of our discussion today was diarrhea vs. constipation. We discussed the physiological differences between constipation and diarrhea as well as the dietary interventions for both.


We also discussed dental amalgams and their impact on health, as well as concerns about other dental materials. Here is a list of “clean” dental materials.


Essentially, if experiencing constipation, follow the “Full GAPS diet.” If experiencing diarrhea, start with the introductory diet. The introductory diet will result in constipation because it is designed to minimize stimulus to excrete stool. The Full GAPS Diet will encourage stool evacuation with a reasonable amount of fiber and adequate amounts of healthy gut flora to provide bulk and easy passage of the stool.


Careful, gradual introduction of the fermented foods and/or probiotics is very important. Introduction of these too rapidly can result in die-off reactions. These can be quite uncomfortable and are avoided by gradual introduction.


Multiple fermented foods were sampled and discussed: sauerkraut, vegetable medley juice, homemade sour cream, homemade dairy kefir, and water kefir. Other samples included detox herbal tea and beef bone broth.


The next GAPS meeting is scheduled for March 28th at 10 am in Yankton at 317 Broadway, Suite 8. All are welcome to attend, bring a friend if you like. Come when you can and leave when you must!

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