Sioux Falls GAPS 4/14/12

GAPS Meeting
4/14/12 – Sioux Falls
Topics Discussed:

GAPS Successes/Kids’ perspectives
EMF Concerns
Stool Grading (1 – 7; 4 is ideal)
A Typical GAPS Scenario
Intro vs. Full GAPS Diet (Diarrhea – Constipation)
Candida Issues
Die Off Symptoms and how to avoid them.
Plant detox vs Animal food nourishment
Are Flax seeds Legal? Yes! Flax seeds and Chia seeds ARE legal on GAPS!

Samples/Goods shared: Baking soda bread, banana bread, apple sunflower bake, fermented ginger carrots, sauerkraut juice, vegetable medley juice, fermented rhubarb, carrots for eating and for seed production, water kefir grains.

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